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10 details that you probably missed in GOT 7×5

Like all the lovers of the famous series Game of thrones we know, in each chapter are hidden details and observations that you have to be well aware to get them, even there are many things joined to other chapters and other seasons.

Here I bring you guys some observations of chapter 5 of the current season 7 in case you lost some of them.

New inclusion to the animation of the introduction maps

In the intro of this chapter we could see that they added the castle of Eastwatch that appears for the first time in this chapter, this is the castle that is beeing cover by the savages at the moment, and the same that Jon and the others arrive to leave towards the other side Of the wall, in their crazy expedition to get a white walker, to prove to the two queens that the matter is serious with the long night.



Another reference that our dearest Jon Snow is indeed a  Tagaryen

When Daenerys returns to DragonStone riding Drogon, Jon was on the cliff where she landed and Drogon begins to approach dangerously to Jon, and instead of moving away he remained firm, removed the glove of his hand, and caressed Drogon, Which he responded by letting himself be touch and not turning jon into ashes or swallowing him with a single bite with those beautiful little teeth that he has, this surprised even Daenerys the very Mother of Dragons. Which makes us all confirm that our dearest Jon Snow is a Targaryen. Something that we all the fans know, and in Westeros no one knows except the three-eyed raven Bran Stark, that we need him  to start sharing relevant information, not just creepy things like what he told Sansa.


Davos makes a Joke in allusion to the thousand of memes of Gendry.

In this chapter we saw Sir Davos go to flea bottom in search of Gendry the bastard of Robert Baratheon and when he found him he made a joke in allusion to the millions of memes that have been circulating the networks since season 3 when Gendry leave rowing of Dragonstone With help from Sir Davos fleeing for his life from Melisandre and her crazy ideas, since season 3 we had not heard anything from Gendry so it was assumed that he was still paddling, and even the same Actor used twitter to make jokes about it. (Good to see you back Gendry!)



Gendry’s war Hammer

Our excellent rower Gendry Baratheon, was automatically willing to join the cause of Sir Davos without needing to hear details, when he was preparing Sir Davos tells him that it was a good idea to take a sword, to which he says that of swords he knows nothing but hi would take his hammer, Gendry’s Hammer first surprises us because it was the weapon of choice of his Father Robert Baratheon, and even with his hammer Robert killed Rhaegar Targaryen. And on the other hand Gendry put in his hammer the insignia of the house Baratheon, quite proud of its father our Gendry.


That Queen Cersei is pregnant

Cersei of the house Lanister, the first with her name, Queen of the andalus and the first men and protector of the seven kingdoms as she likes to be called, surprised us all with the announcement of her pregnancy including the father of the creature her brother Jaime Lanister, this will be taken as some good news by those who love Lady Cersei, others who do not like their image so much, are not so happy. But this detail of Queen Cersei’s pregnancy is half-contradictory to the prophecies of maggie the frog that have been fulfilled so far, which means that if the prophecy of Maggie the frog has no parts that we do not know, this child of Cersei will not be born, or she will die before.


The union of Jon and Gendry



Although Sir Davor asked Gendry repeatedly not to tell Jon who he was a son of, Gendry our rower par excellence dint pay any attetion to Davos, and it was the first thing he told Jon, hoping this would make Jon trust hin As well as their parents trusted each other, which led them to begin their relationship with a joke Jon telling Gendry that he was much thinner than his father and Gendry responding to Jon that he was much smaller than his. These little jokes remind us of the first season when King Robert visited winterfell and the king and Ned joked about the weight of both


The desire for good fortune in the coming wars


This phrase used by Jon Snow to say goodbye to the mother of dragons as they were leaving for Eastwatch reminds us of several scenes during the past seasons that have sounded these words:

In episode 1 of season 5 when Mance Rayder told Stannis Baratheon just before Stannis burned Mance, when he was given the option of bending the knee or dying.

In episode 03 of season 6 when Sir Arthur Dayne told Ned Stark the same ones during the scene of the towers of joy, when Ned arrived asking for his sister.

We also saw a part of this sentence, however incomplete Benjen Stark told Bran and Meera when he left them on the wall.


Gilly’s revelation that Rhaegar had married Lyanna Stark

In this chapter we also have another reference that Jon Snow is a Targaryen when Gilly asked Samwell the meaning of the word annulment, it is when Gilly tells him that Septo Maynard had made an annulment to Prince Rhaegar and that he had automatically married him to Another person at a secret ceremony in Dorne, though Samwell was too overshadowed by the fact that the people in the citadel were ignoring the subject of white walkers and heard nothing of what Gilly had just said. We were listening, which confirms to us that Jon snow is not a bastard and that he has the greatest right on the iron throne, and that Robert Baratheon’s rebellion began with the confusion that people thought Lyanna Stark had been Kidnapped What was once proved it was all a mistake. again Bran You killing us here!!



The letter that Arya read

The letter with which little finger deceived Arya to read and complicate situations between Arya and Sansa.

This letter was a letter Sansa had written by Cersei’s orders to his brother Robert in the first season when Ned Stark was being charged with treason, and saying that his father’s fate was in the hands of Rob’s response.

What does this letter say?

“Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.”



Jeor Mormont’s death wish

In the books when the Lord Commander Jeor Mormon was dying, he asked Samwell to find his son Jorah and asked him to join the night watch, the show did not pass as it is, but the fact that Jorah has taken the Decision to join the expedition to the other side of the wall, which are things done by the members of the night watchs is somehow completing the wishes of his father, and that made us very happy!


If we miss some details to complete this list, feel free to add them in the comments below of this post and remember to like us  on Facebook to keep reading more of this and a lot of more topics.

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