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Stop Reading, Go Away! GOT 7X6 Second part!


Well yesterday we left half in chapter 6 of season 7, with the set of spoilers result of ideas that are rolling and assumptions of several fans if you haven’t read it here I leave you the link to read before continuing this Part 2: Spoilers 7X6 GOT Part 1


This is the longest chapter that has been filmed of the series till now, will count with 71 minutes, according to the information obtained.


Remember !! Spoiler alert … Do not read on if you do not want to know details before the chapter comes out this Sunday.


In the details offered yesterday, we left the writing when Daenerys went out with her dragons looking for her allies to help them because things are turning ant-colored across the wall with the white walkers.

It is assumed that at some point the rest of the expedition will have to separate to look for provisions, due to the filtered photos of this recording where only 3 people seems to be  walking beyond the wall (But these are just assumptions)

Within the collected theories it is said that Jon will at a moment try to hand his “Longclaw” sword to Jorah Mormont as the person who should carry it, to which mormont must answer no, because if his father chose him to take the sword he would have his reasons and so it should be.

Later it is seen that Jon and the others are pursued by the white walkers inside a narrow road that takes them to a valley where they are faced by the king of the night and his army.

This is where they fight and face  them and as we could see in the trailer is uncertain whether Gendry is part or not of this fight, because in the circle they do for this fight in the trailer you can see a person carrying a hammer.

The battle unfolds on top of a lake

where in the end they all remain on top of an improvised island. Which allows them to stand a little longer because the walkers can not cross the water until the night when the lake is frozen again and The white walkers can reach them again.

In this struggle most of the brothers of the brotherhood without banner and the savages die. The confrontation looks lost, when Daenerys arrives with her dragons and helps with air support so that they can escape, Jon is left struggling with the walkers and in the middle of the confusion. They all flee and climb to the back of Drogon while Jon is almost dead and Benjen Stark supposedly arrived to save him, giving him his horse so he can flee, and this stay fighting where he dies or could be said where he dies definitively and becomes full spectrum, or We will know later what happens with him. Here the tradition is fulfilled that some Stark has to die.

But in this battle this is not everything, the king of the night watching from distance the events unfolding and takes an ice spear that he fires with all his strength towards one of the dragons called Viserion where this one dies instantaneously falling to the frozen lake .

Although Daenerys is really affected by what happened to one of her children, she can’t do anything  more than run away with the others so as not to put anyone else in danger.

Jon ends up very hurt and among the others rescue him and manage to capture a walker or specter, they take him in a box to use it in the meeting already scheduled.

Then there is a rumor of a scene between Jon and Daenerys, where Jon lies very wounded in a bed, and Daenerys goes to see how he is, although it is supposed that she also goes in search of comfort by the death of Viserion.

In this conversation Jon says that he gives up his title as King of the North, to count on her support to fight against the king of the night, this brings tranquility and confidence in Jon to Daenerys.

There is a moment where Daenerys becomes very sensitive and says that the dragons are her children, the only ones she will ever have.

After this Daenerys tells Jon that together they will fight against the walkers, and that they will conquer.

Jon says, “Thanks Dany,” which surprises Daenerys, and tells him that the last person to call her that was her brother and this is a memory she does not want to keep.

To which Jon responds if she wants him to calle her  Dany or Her Highness or majesty, and she tells him that her Highness does not, and Jon agrees to bend the knew and Dany asks him about the people of the north,what would they say about his decision, the final of this conversation is unclear.


At the end of the Chapter we will see how the walkers take Viserion from the lake and the king of the night touching it to turn it into a spectrum, which is quite complicated because the other side now has a Dragon Zombie that the king of the nightwill mount in the wars To come. (CREEPY)


So far what we have had and have allowed us the information that are going over the web, we need to wait for the chapter to confirm how true are the leaks and theories.

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