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8 Details you probably missed in GOT 7X6

The eyes of Jon Snow’s sword “Longclaw” change color.

WHAT? ??, just as they read it, the moment Jon is coming out of the water Claw, is focused and suddenly changes the color of his eyes, it seems as if he opened them, possibly only the water that fell or a Change in lighting, remembering that the wolf’s eyes on the sword are made of glass, anything is likely, or that the producers would like to play a little with our feelings.

There are already fans around the world assuming crazy things: “that if Bran went into the sword” (Thing that would not make the slightest sense) “that if the sword has certain powers” etc. etc.

To Us they seem to us pure jokes, but we wanted to emphasize it because Who knows?

The mountain on the other side of the wall.

The mountain with the shape of an arrow, that “the Hound” saw in its vision in the fire and the expeditionaries find on the other side of the wall, is the same mountain that Bran sees in the vision when the children of the forest turn to the king of the night into the first white walker.

The good luck of Tormund.

Tormund tells “the Dog” that he is red-kissed by the sun, and that he is also apparently.

In previous seasons Ygritte tells Jon that for the savages being kissed by the sun is a symbol of good luck, and apparently there has to be something deeper in that, since in this episode we saw “the Dog” being saved from being devoured by the Spectrum bear, and then we saw Tormund being saved from the  spectrums that were dragging him to the lake.

Beric tells Jon that death is the enemy.

In this episode Beric tells Jon that death is the enemy and that the enemy always wins. This is very similar to the phrase in high valyrio that Arya learned from Jaqen “Valar Morghulis” which means: “All men must die”. This can be a coincidence or something well planned and premeditated, we really don’t know.

Beric’s sword ignites in fire using his own blood.

We saw this in season 3 when he fought with “the hound”.


This was not Daenerys’ first time on the other side of the wall.

In season 2 episode 10, Daenerys had visions where she crossed to the other side of the wall, where extreme cold and white are seen, as it is at the time of this last episode, after one of his dragons shouted. Does this have anything to do with the death of her Dragon Viseryion, or the cry of help from Jon Snow?

Sandor Clegane the hound goes towards Kingslanding.

The meeting or confrontation that many are expecting between “the mountain” and “the hound” seemingly finally will come, as this second heads to Kingslanding to deliver the specter they have captured, although he did not seem to want to return ever now he has to.

Also on this trip to The Red Fort he might encounter Brienne of Tarth, the platonic love of Tormund, another meeting that many have been waiting for.

The connection between Bran (the three-eyed crow) and the King of the night.

They’re running theories about Bran being the king of the night, or what ultimately happened to Bran with so many time travels, was to become the king of the night. And if you can notice in the character of the king of the night there is a significant change of look, and is more like Bran. But we do not really know anything about that, nor do we assure it is true. What is remarkable in this chapter is that the king of the night and Bran have a somewhat strange connection, which we hope will be used for good and to defeat the walkers.


Let us know in the comments what other things were missing on this list, and remember to follow the Pink Mouth.

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