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GOT: Where’s Ghost?

Where did they leave it? Why is not Ghost accompanying Jon? These have been some of the questions for most of the followers of the series of Game of Thrones. He was extremely protective of Jon, they used to be inseparable, even during the time that Jon was dead at the end of the 5th season and the beginning of the sixth, guarded him until he revived.


Jon has always treated Ghost much more than a pet, as a friend and ally, even taking him with him when he began his new life in The Nights Watch.

But the fact that the series decided to separate this duo, has many of us sad and questioning their decision, what has happened to this wolf? Especially supposing that if Jon, had Ghost in the situations that he has faced lately, it would have been very useful.

In the last episode we saw how Sansa made a small mention that: “Jon’s faithful friend waits patiently at Winterfell”, but we do not stop asking why? If it has always been part of his adventures.

Some blogs have emphasized that this change in the character of Jon, is due to the new projection they want to give him, starting from the fact that he is a Targaryen and want to identify  him more with the dragons than with the direwolves which are the emblem of the house Stark.
But apparently, the real reason may be somewhat more technical than character projection. According to the creators and producers of the program, the direwolves  are very expensive and difficult to include in the episodes. As has been commented, this season has gone excessively expensive between locations, dragons, and battles, the budget has been exceeded.


We hope to see Ghost next to his friend Jon, sometime from here to the end of the series.

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