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Animals abandoned to their fate in the Houston Floods

As we all know Houston Texas, is going through a bad time. Flooding due to the torrential rains that Harvey brought has so far 31 people dead, many injured and thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. As people escape to save their lives, they forget to take their animals with them, this has brought very sad and heartbreaking images of some of them, who could survive, tied, trapped or tired.

Texas officials warn people about abandoning their pets and their livestock. Their boss, Stephen Carlisle, said: “I promise you will pay anyone who leaves their pets. Dogs are members of your family. “Next we will present several images of animals that have been abandoned and affected by this phenomenon. We notice that these are very sad.

This poor dog was chained in Houston, Texas, with no hope of escape. He was later rescued by photographer Ruaridh Connellan.

He was also trapped in Houston but was finally rescued.

This sad puppy was seen chained to a tree outside a mobile home in Victoria.

He was also left by his owners, but a neighbor decided to save him

And not only were the dogs abandoned, a cow and donkey were also seen as they roamed the flooded streets of Texas.

Although the situation is extreme and thousands have lost their homes many have not let the pressure of the situation make them forget their pets and have included their animals in the mobilizations.


People have photographed others who get on the boats of rescuers carrying their dogs, cats or other animals.

A man who takes in an inflatable boat a small pet to a shelter.

Cases like Destyn Scales and his dog Dexter walking through the water of the flood provoked by Harvey.

And very curious cases such as the one of Otis, a dog that left his house frightened by the noises of the hurricane and took with him a bag of food.

Among many others that their pets are part of their family, and have included them in their respective escapes from the extreme situations that have affected Houston.

The fourth largest city in the United States has been virtually paralyzed by this phenomenon that has brought heavy rains. The hurricane took Texas to category 4. Let’s keep helping those people and let’s not forget that animals need us too.

Let’s keep helping those people in need and let’s not forget that animals need us too.

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