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GOT: Kit Harington says he cried when he saw the end of the series!

As has happened in the past with other Series of fiction, the last chapter of Game of Thrones will have different endings, of which HBO will transmit only one.

Kit Harington has read the scripts of season 8 and now carries the burden of knowing how Game of Thrones ends, but not being able to talk about it. Harington was on “The One Show” recently and discussed how it feels to face the end of his term as Jon Snow.

“I’m really excited about the end,” Harington told Alex Jones and Ricky Wilson. “We had the reading last week, in fact, so now I know everything.”

Harington cried when he knew the end

Harington admitted that he cried at the end, although he clarified that it did not necessarily have to do with the content of the script itself.

“You have to remember, I’ve done eight years of this, I think nobody cares more about Game of Thrones than us … It’s been a longer institution than any other institution I’ve been in. School, theater school, Anything … I get a little melancholy at the thought of it; it’s going to be a strange year, saying goodbye to everyone, having his last scene with this person or having his last scene with that person, not only you are attached to him. , many people around the world are attached to him. ”

According to Harington, production goes to great lengths to stay as quiet as possible for season 8. “They told me, do not tell them when you’re filming, do not take pictures in Belfast, do not do all that,” he said.

“He’s in closure!”

That said, Alex Jones still started the interview by announcing that Harington will begin filming season 8 next week. Perhaps “closure” is a relative term for this extraordinary series based on the books of George R.R Martin.

Brienne returns with a new hairstyle

It seems that Gwendoline Christie is preparing for her return to the stage as well. Game of Thrones hair designer Kevin Alexander posted a selfie he took with Christie after designing his Brienne-length strands “I had a fabulous afternoon with Gwen doing her color and giving her a new hairstyle,” she wrote.

In another order of ideas, the presence of Harry Strickland was confirmed in the next season, and his role will have much to do with the mission of Euron Greyjoy and Cersei that was revealed in episode 7 of the seventh season.

The first shootings of the last season of Game of Thrones are already starting, but we still have a lot to wait for the premiere of this one over there in the year 2019.

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