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29 Cute Hairstyles That Will Inspire You To Cut Your Hair

Ever get tired of looking in the mirror every single morning and seeing yourself look exactly the same as yesterday? We have all probably experienced this at some point in our lives. Luckily there is an easy fix for when you get bored with your appearance. It’s time to shake things up a little bit! And where better to start than on your hair? A new hairstyle will mean a breath of fresh air, it will boost your confidence and it might even make you look a lot younger! There is no harm in trying! After all, it’s just hair – it will grow back!

Here are 29 ideas, compiled by Diply, that will convince you that giving your hair a nice trim is the solution you were looking for.

#1 Just look how much happier her smile is after the haircut

#2 It takes a brave soul to make such a radical change

#3 Looking stunning and brimming with self-confidence

#4 If your hair looks dull or listless, chopping off a few inches will bring it back to life

#5 Some people can just pull any look, but a change is always welcome


#6 Once you go short, you never go back

#7 Cutting it may be your last resort to fix heavily damaged hair, but don’t look at it with dread – the result may surprise you

#8 People who donate their hair are truly commendable

#9 Long and straight hair can be quite boring. A few inches less and a few waves more, and you’re a new person


#10 Curly pixies are by far the most adorable


#11 Already having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t make more changes! In fact, it’s the best for trying out new hair colours!

#12 Two-in-one! Underneath that sweet girl, there is a rebel hiding!


#13 Rare is the person who doesn’t look gorgeous in a pixie cut

#14 On paper, an uneven bob with shades of blue and shades of gray may not seem like a great idea. In reality, it looks so elegant and simply stunning.

#15 A haircut can sometimes make you seem more mature.

#16 A buzz cut is sure to bring your eyes out more

#17 The right ‘do will make you look 10 years younger

#18 For when you feel like leaving a little something to remember your long hair by

#19 A surefire way to give your hair more volume

#20 Sometimes all you need is a bright light in your life, aka a fiery red hair dye!

#21 How many years’ worth of hair is that?

#22 This new look suits her so well! Very pretty!

#23 What a gorgeous transformation!

#24 That is so cute! And the volume! Amazing

#25 This seems to be invented especially for the long hot summers

#26 Carrying the weight of so much hair can’t be easy! Good on her for deciding to go for something new

#27 All a hairstyle needs to do is to make you happy. Nothing else matters!

#28 Shorter hair seems to be much better suited for the shape of her face! Beautiful!

#29 A buzz cut can be hard to pull off, but she manages it without difficulty!

So? Have you chosen your favourite yet? And more importantly, are you feeling up to the challenge

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