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How to properly clean the ears of your yorkie?


In order to keep our pet healthy and healthy, we have to focus on cleanliness and hygiene of the ears. Having a weekly frequency or at least coinciding with the periodic baths that our dog has, will help us keep them safe from any bacteria that wants to attack them.
The ear of the dog is the organ that is responsible for their hearing, but also their balance and this is the reason why we have to do the cleaning correctly so as not to damage it.


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#1 Review before cleaning the ear

-The moment you go to clean the ears of the dog, it is perfect to check it and see if there is any ailment or infection in this area. The first thing you should know is that the entrance to the auditory canal should have a pale pink color and should not smell bad, this is a sign of very good health.


-The presence of wax in this area, on the contrary, may be warning that there is something that may be affecting you. If it smells badly in the ear area, it is very possible that there is an infection (otitis). The auditory inflammation usually causes itching and discomfort. If the dog scratches insistently and shakes his ears in an abnormal way, this can be a symptom, check his ears and visit your veterinarian, if you discard all these diseases, proceed to sanitize your ears normally.


#2 Cleaning the dog’s ears

-Clean the outer part (which is almost always hairy), from the ear. Usually a wet towel with warm water and the usual shampoo of our pet is enough. Then carefully remove and dry it in its entirety.

-The inner part (the pink one, the auditory part) you can clean it with a gauze covering your finger with it and introducing it with delicacy inside the ear, taking care to touch the bottom.



There are products that are to help Yorkie ear hygiene: “Ear Cleaners”. This type of product helps the wax residues dissolve, massage the product and then remove it.
It is also good to know that veterinarians warn that some products are not advisable when it comes to cleaning the ear. For example, physiological saline is harmful to the dog because it is trapped inside the ear, and becomes bacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections.

The inner ducts of a dog’s ear are like a labyrinth of channels that cross each other, which is why it is not always easy for pets to aerate them. If you have a dog with big ears, it gets even more complicated since its ears when they hang make a natural barrier to the entry of air.

It is for all this that pet owners should help them by cleaning their ears at least every fifteen days, but if it is a dog with big ears, it should be done weekly, since as we explained, they ventilate their ducts less.

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