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Why dogs turn their heads when you talk to them?


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If you are one of those who love to have conversations with your dog, surely more than once you have been amused that this one turns or cocks a little head when you address him, since sometimes they even adopt an expression that seems to be of confusion or inquisitive

There are several theories that try to explain why dogs turn their heads when they speak to them, so if your furry friend does this you will surely be interested in this article.


Your dog tilts his head to hear you better

It is not a secret that the dogs’ hearing is much more developed than that of the human being, so they are capable of perceiving a greater number of sound frequencies, many of which we do not even notice.

Based on this, some researchers maintain that the dog tilts its head when you speak to place its ears in such a way that it can better perceive the sounds you emit. Now, why would I want to do this? Although you can not understand what you say, it has been proven that dogs recognize around 200 words of human vocabulary, including the commands and instructions that you have taught them and those that relate to positive reinforcements. So, when you talk to him, maybe he is waiting to hear that he will go out for a walk, that he will receive a rich reward or even that you call attention to something he is doing at that moment, because besides the word he also analyzes the intonation that you use to direct yourself to the dog.

Need to see you

From small the dog habitua to look up when it is with you, always looking for your face and your facial expressions, which help you identify what you expect from him and your mood. So, one of the theories about why dogs bow their heads when we talk about them focuses on this fact to try to explain this phenomenon, postulating that for some races, due to their physiognomy, it would be difficult to look at humans in front , so when you tilt your head you would have a complete view of our face.

In what cases would this assumption be valid? Well, in those breeds characterized by a long snout, which prevents the dog to have a full view of your face when you look straight ahead, tilting his head to not miss any gesture and have more opportunity to interpret what you say.


Do you suffer any discomfort?

Sometimes, the gesture of tilting the head may be due to the dog suffering from an ear disease, so that it would rotate as a way to seek relief from the discomfort he feels, which is usually itching or pain. Of course, when this is the reason the dog does not turn his head once, but many times and so, so it is not difficult to detect. In addition, it is accompanied by different signs, such as redness of the ear pavilion, scabs or abnormal wax buildup, among others. So, if you suspect that this could be the cause, do not hesitate and go to the vet.

On the other hand, a dog that is deaf in one ear will tilt its head to try to hear you better, so it is a possibility that you should also take into account when discarding why your dog turns its head when you speak to him.


It’s a conditioned behavior

Dogs learn many things from us, and above all they learn what are the things that please us and that provide some reward for them. If when your dog tilts his head you produce so much tenderness that you approach him to hug him and make thousands of pampering, it is normal to repeat the gesture to get the same attention, which is pleasing to him.

Although there are several reasons that can lead your dog to turn his head when you speak to him, the dog can have this behavior by a count of some, or by only one, so that he may pretend to hear you better and, at the same time , to win those caresses that you like so much.

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