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How to teach a dog to pee outside the home?

Probably you think that teaching your puppy or adult dog to do their needs outside the home can be complicated, but the truth is that very simple. How to teach a dog to go to the bathroom so they do not do their things at home? Following the steps indicated below, in a very short period of time, we will get our partner to do all his needs outside the home.


We just have to have a little patience, and dedicate the time it deserves to our beloved companion. Again, there is nothing as simple as teaching a dog to do his needs outside the home.


The first thing you must be clear, is that you will never get to teach your dog absolutely nothing if you use violence or abuse in any of its facets. It is no good hitting, screaming or pulling the strap as a punishment, no one learns with torture. The best way to train our pet, whatever the goal to achieve, is through patience and prizes. The prizes can be dog biscuits, small pieces of bread, pieces of sausage, etc …


If it’s a puppy

If we have a puppy, we must understand that it is impossible for them to know where they have to do their needs. They are very small and therefore, they make their needs where they first catch, when they want, without waiting to go out. Those who are now my companions, in their time were also puppies, and like all puppies, they peed and poop at home.

The main thing is never to bother us, not to get angry. They perceive bad looks or anger, so it is useless to scold them when they do their needs inside the house, because they will see that we get angry but do not understand the reason They are puppies !.

The fastest and most effective technique to teach our puppies to do their needs outside the home is routine and prizes, which is known as positive reinforcement. We must have a very marked departure routine, like any animal, our dog needs to pee or poop several times a day. The normal and convenient, is to get our dog to relieve himself in the morning, when we get up. At noon, before or after lunch, in the afternoon, a little before dinner and at night, just before going to sleep.

So that you have an example of good schedules, my dogs leave at 8:00 a.m., at 1:00 p.m., at 7:00 p.m. and at 00:00 p.m. and every time they pee or poop. It is normal and necessary, they need to do their needs and they will do them at home or away from home, everything depends on you.

It is very important to maintain a routine, that is, to go out every day at the same hours more or less. Of course, it’s not all about going out, peeing and entering the house, throughout the day you should take advantage of one or two long walks, they need to walk and run, play and interact with other dogs.

As important as making a daily routine, is to congratulate them and give them a reward when they do their needs outside the home. To caress them and congratulate them is very important, then we will give them a dog biscuit, a piece of sausage … what we have on hand as a reward. So they will understand that peeing on the street is fine and they try hard to do it on the street instead of inside the house.

If for any reason they pee or poop inside the house, we should simply be indifferent to them. There is no point scolding them, they are puppies and they will not understand anything, the best thing is to be indifferent and congratulate them only when they pee in the street.

Patience, a daily routine and congratulations more prizes when they do well, that’s all we have to do to make our puppy learn to do his needs outside the home. You have to understand that being so small, it can take a few weeks or even a few months to learn completely. Some puppies learn with two months and others even four or five months to learn. Patience and perseverance, that all end up learning.


if it’s an adult

  • If we have an adult dog that does its things inside the house, we must understand that it can be due to several completely different factors and that whatever the reason, it has a solution. The first factor may be ignorance, if we have adopted an adult dog and have not been taught to do their needs outside the home, it is normal to do them inside. In this case we must apply the same technique that we applied in the previous step, where we teach our puppy to do their needs outside the home. Patience, perseverance, a good daily routine and congratulations plus prizes.


  • The second factor may be that our dog wants to be the alpha male of the family, that it is dominant and expresses its dominance by marking its territory inside the house. In this case, he would pee inside the house but in small quantities, marking several places inside our house. It is the way he has to say “this is my territory”.

This case is more complicated, since the first thing we must do is teach our dog to understand that he is not the “alpha male”, that he is not the one who commands, but his owner. Small gestures made daily such as letting him enter or leave the house or the portal first, let him get on the sofa or bed, feed him before his owner eats, etc … are erroneous gestures that make him believe that send If he thinks he is boss, he will start to mark the house because he thinks it is his territory, obviously he is wrong, but we must show him that his owner is the “alpha male” so he can stop dialing at home.

This is a delicate and important point, which can not be explained in a few lines, so I recommend you read the entry on how to dominate our dog in the training section of this website. Once you understand how to be the “alpha male” and dominate your partner, it will be very easy to make him stop urinating at home.

Do not forget that it is bad manners and is punished with important fines, leaving the poop of our dogs in the street. We must collect them with a special bag for this purpose and deposit them in a wastebasket.


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