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Why do dogs scratch on a surface?

Surely on more than one occasion you’ve caught your dog trying to dig a hole in the dirt of the park, scraping its legs against a hard floor or scratching the bed before lying on it. But do you know the reason why they do it?


Why do dogs scratch the bed?

There are two reasons why a dog scratches his bed before going to rest or sleep for a while. Your dog can scratch your bed for both or just one of them, each dog is a world …

Scratch the bed to mark it as yours
Although it seems strange, since dogs do not sweat because they are cooled by panting with their tongue, they have small sweat glands on their legs. These glands leave, like their poop or urine, a very characteristic odor.

With this the dog what it does is spread its smell on the bed, marking its territory. He does not do it because he wants to tell us anything … it’s just pure instinct.

Scratch the bed to eliminate energy
A dog that has not exercised enough or walked for a long time may have an excess of energy that needs to be removed before going to sleep. That is why sometimes they scratch the bed or play with it for a while before going to sleep, to get completely tired and sleep more peacefully.


Why dogs scratch the ground?

A dog can scratch the ground for two very simple reasons, the first is because he wants to sleep in that place. What it does is scratch a little to expand its smell or simply to try to soften the area where it is going to fall.

Although the main reason why a dog normally scratches the ground is because it is filing its nails. It may be an indication that you may need to cut your nails or just want to file a little more.


Why do dogs dig in the dirt?

It is very common in dogs, since their own instinct tells them they should do it. It is a very natural way of filing your nails and even exercising and expending energy.

Another reason why a dog scratches the ground is to unearth something. Do not forget that the dog’s nose is much more developed than ours and they are capable of perceiving smells that we do not perceive.

Find a piece of bone, a ball or any buried object that catches your attention, is a game for him. It will scratch the ground until it is unearthed and played with.

Dogs also scratch the ground when they do their needs (poop) to cover them with dirt, it is a natural instinct.


Why do dogs scratch the wall and / or the door?

They are behaviors that occur when the dog has an excess of energy or when the dog suffers anxiety due to separation from the owner. They are different cases but they are very close.

The excess of energy manifests itself with bad behavior, scratching of walls, floor of house, etc … The dog looks for the way to play and spend all its energy.

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