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Why do dogs lick?

If you have a dog or have ever interacted with someone you will know that they have a tendency to lick. But what does it mean?

Dogs have a limited communication system and for that reason they use body language as much as they can to show us their emotions and feelings. In this article you will discover that dogs lick for many reasons, not only to show their love or affection (something we love, of course).


Different meanings of the dog’s lick

There are many reasons that can lead your dog to lick you without stopping, all this is summarized in a sample of love and affection that feels towards you:

He loves you: although we tend to believe that dogs lick us as a kiss, the truth is that they do not perceive it in this way. However, they know that we like them and therefore tend to lick us. Offer a caress to show him that you love him too.

Fear: a careful and weak lick can mean fear, fear or submission if accompanied by ears or low tail. They tend to show this behavior when they are frightened, when they are in a fight or when they are really uncomfortable.

Hunger: if when you open a plastic bag or similar you notice that your dog licks his nose excessively while he opens his mouth and looks at you, the meaning is very clear: your dog is hungry and wants you to feed him.

It cleans you: dogs are usually clean animals. The mother cleans her puppies at birth and continues doing so until after the adult stage in which the dogs groom each other as a sign of affection.

They look for contact: if after he licks you give him a caress, he interprets it as a tool that he will use to receive your pampering.

Exploration: dogs often lick what they do not know as a form of research. Remember that your senses, and especially the sense of smell, is much more developed than that of people.

Wake up: if you are sick or just want to go for a walk it is very likely that your dog wakes up with some naughty licks all over his face.

Lick the air: it may be one of the signs of calm. The dog tries to be friendly and tolerant of a new stimulus, be it a person, a dog or an unknown object. It is a way of expressing that he is calm.

He licks and turns around: in this case the dog is trying to say that he feels uncomfortable about something you are doing or is going through. Search for personal space.

It is too lame: Your dog is restless, nervous and may even feel like vomiting. When you observe your dog licking nonstop, something happens.

Remember that the body language of the dog is very extensive and we assure you that it can surprise you if you work to understand it.

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